Homework And Daily Expectations



Students should be working towards mastering the following learning targets.  Practice can be done with homemade manipulatives, real life applications, and on the computer (see my links)

  • addition and subtraction of one digit, two digit, and three digit numbers
  • skip counting to 1000 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's
  • read and write numbers, 0-1000 standard and expanded form.
  • identify even and odd numbers
  • tell numbers that are 10 more and 10 less when given a number 0-1000
  • order 3 digit numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.
  • tell time to hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter past.  Tell time duration. 
  • count money, add and subtract simple amount of coins
  • identify and work with polygons and quadrilaterals. 


    Students should be reading each night for the minimum of 20 minutes.  When reading, recall information or beginning, middle, and end.  For factual books have them tell the main idea and details about the subject.