Mr. Zaugra

The students are working extremely hard.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Please check with your student and look in their backpacks every day for any important information that was given to them to take home. Students are given a Daily Behavior Report every day so please look, talk with them about their day and sign so they can return and get an Eagle Dollar.

I give out homework once a week on Friday or the final day of the school week.  It will be due on Mondays or the first day week get back the next week.

Reading tips to work on at home:
READ, READ, READ!!!  Read as much as you can at home.  Students can read on their own.  Students can read to someone. Someone can read to your students.  Discuss what they have read and try to ask questions to make sure they are really focusing on what they are reading. 

Word Work tips to work on at home:
In order for all students to become better readers they are going to have to work hard with new words they are learning every day in school.  I will be teaching them new spelling patterns that will be very beneficial to their improvement in reading and writing.  Every Friday I will send home a list that should be worked on for at least ten minutes a day.  Students should practice reading, writing, and spelling these words daily.  I guarantee that students will make great strides in reading and writing if they are practicing at home.

Math tips to work on at home:
-Recognizing numbers up to 120
-Practice Counting up to 120 by 1's, 5's, 10's.
-Practice Counting by 2's to 100.
-Adding and Subtracting numbers using numbers 0-10
-Telling time on the hour and half hour using a clock
-Place Value (Breaking Numbers into groups of 10's and 1's)
-Creating a recognizing repeating patterns and growing and shrinking patterns
-Comparing two-digit numbers (Greater than / Less Than)